The information given in any Intuitive Life Coaching session, Heart and Soul Intuitive Massage session or Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression, Trauma Therapy, or any Intuitive Massage Session, does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as an alternative form of suggestive treatment for physical, medical, or emotional problems without the advice prescribed by any medical or clinical therapist, or any advice from a physician directly or indirectly.

The intent of these sessions is to offer general information, where by using Intuitive Guidance in a session to restore balance and  direction for the client.  Information is personal and any given advice is positive to try and restore the level of emotional Health and Happiness to the client’s consciousness.

As the information is divinely given intuitively to each person as it is given during any Intuitive Life Coaching session or Past Life Regression or using Holistic Therapy.

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