Intuitive Life Coaching

     Kathleen’s Intuitive Life Coaching Phone Session offers one-on-one guidance which helps to reduce stress, remove mental blocks, and emotional blocks (stagnation). Ask for life healing for past and present.

-Phone Sessions – Available by appointment only.

$65 per 30 minutes ;
$99 per 45 minutes;
or $120 per hour.

     Are limiting beliefs holding you back from a:

     -good relationship – happiness – lack of life purpose – love of your life – self esteem issues- Is a limitation always holding you back from great events in your life?

     Are you wondering what is next in your life? Find out if self defeating soul memories from the past are sabotaging your future or holding you back from making good choices.

     Are you interested in wanting to understand what might be in the way of finding the love of your life, or perfect career, or wanting to start a new business, but do not know how or what?

     Do you feel depressed because you cannot go beyond something in your past experiences.  Your heart & soul just feels stuck?

     Are the negative thoughts and feelings or “mind talk” stopping you from moving forward with your ambitions and dreams?

     Children can carry trauma all their life from infancy to adulthood causing loss of self esteem, abandonment issues, which can lead to other life issues such as weight gain, or other habits and things you would like to change. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, or unworthiness are often carried over from childhood can also affect your own child’s development where one might not be aware of the “switch” mind triggers.

     As adults, that “energy” becomes a stagnation in the heart and in the etheric template surrounding your soul’s blueprint, like an emotional cyst.  This can become so dense, it can become an emotional disease, or may develop into other physical bodily ailments.

     When your body has chronic pain in the etheric levels holding the trauma needs to be lifted from the vibrational memory.  IMPORTANT: The person must WANT to be healed.

     One visit may change your life.  This session is NOT a cure for disease, although Kathleen has had many instances in the healing of the heart and soul which may have reversed even tumor growths in the lungs and tumors in the skull.  By her empathic and intuitive abilities, Kathleen was able to “see” tumor growths and has been able to urge clients to seek out a doctor or specialist care when she sees something and has successfully saved many lives.

     Kathleen’s Heart and Soul Healing and Life Coaching is not to be replaced by any medical treatments or clinical therapy or medicine, and Kathleen and Orlando Intuitive Healing retains no liability or responsibility if a client stops any treatment in traditional treatments.


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