Lymphatic Massage Therapy

Detoxification of the whole immune system. Decreases swelling in the body and increases energy levels. Detox the facial tissues due to stress.  Using ANMA Japanese technique therapy.  Pressure Point therapy included in all massages to reduce swelling in the body from toxins, STRESS from CHEMICALS, during and after Cancer Treatments.

Neuromuscular (deep tissue)  therapy

Deep tissue massage designed to relieve muscle tension and nerve impingement.

Advanced Thai Massage and Sen Sib Lines of Energy Healing Levels I, II, III

Dating back to 540 BC in Thailand, this massage focuses pressure point therapies in conjunction with Sen Sib Lines, natural lines of energy. This technique can be used to treat virtually any ailment, including cancer.

Nerve Point Therapy

Learned from a vibrant 86-year-old woman in Thailand, Nerve Point Therapy involves pinching nerves through the body, releasing tension.

Somatic Pain Release for Neurological disorders

This massage releases pain all over the body. By releasing tension from one point in the body, we can release pain in other parts of the body.

Alignment Therapy with Cranial Release Technique! (Extra per Visit $30.-)

Dr. Dalton’s traditional healing, this is a massage that realigns the entire body through specific muscle movements.  Cranial Release adjusts even the leg length after just one treatment.

Trigger Pain Point Therapy

Taking advantage of the body’s trigger points to release pain and tension.  Reduces pain and lengthens the muscles that are tight.

Myofascial  Release Therapy and Cranial Therapy!

Releases tension in tight muscles by lengthening muscles to restore an injured muscle to return to a natural state.

Esthetics’s Facials Point Therapy

Manipulating pressure points in the face can relieve sinus pain and headaches, great for TMJ pain and lifts up facial muscles.

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