Hypnotherapy Life Regression Therapy(60 minute session $75.-)

Hypnotherapy Sessions(60 minute session $225). Package of 3 sessions required for better effectiveness.


Neuro-Linguistic Advanced Hypnotherapy

     It is induction’s to the sub-mind to the desire to heal yourself.  Being at all times fully present and in control.

     Trance state is not a state of mindless unawareness such as in a staged hypnosis show.  It is a state that one is aware at all times of the induction’ given to help tune in to healing.  Relaxing the body and mind to restructure the negative sub-mind.

    Using the medical hypnosis with the powerful inductions of words can restore the subconscious and balance the conscious state to restore balance, mind, and spirit using spiritual hypnosis.  

     Spiritual Hypnosis (c). — God and spirit, healing- “Heart and Soul Energy Healing”(c).

     Neuro-Linguistic healing occurs with less trauma to the sub-mind and lowers blood pressure, prevents fear when going back into the trauma state.  Helps calm Autistic children, ADD, ADHD emotionally. as well as the Cranial Release Therapy that I use in my massage practice.

     Hypnotherapy is used in treatment before child birth to relax the client during the event of child bearing.

     INSECURITY,  Trauma from Childhood ,  Surgical procedures/fears, trauma of flight, Anti-aging Sessions with Hypnotherapy and Stress Reduction,  Self Confidence. Eating disorders, weight problems, smoking. Any changes  that someone wants to address.

     I feel Medical doctors need to address the mind/heart emotion, as well as treat the body….as Dr. Sutherland states ” it is about the whole body healing and all is one.”

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