“I saw her two times for a blood clot and swelling in my leg. The second time she worked on me, her hands vibrated over my leg and I said, “Are you using anything electric on me?”  She said, No, it’s the energy.  I called her two days later, whatever you did, the swelling is gone.
GV, Winter Park, FL

“Her inspiration has changed my life and my work, I can’t imagine her not in my life!” Thanks so much for all the inspiration. You truly are a friend. Never had a massage like that before. It was inspiring and I feel lighter!”
LW, Orlando, FL

“She has the ability to reach deeper levels of my consciousness that lifted some heaviness that I have carried too long in my life, that is one of her greatest gifts her deep intuition healing the core of our inner state.”  Things we hold onto that we didn’t even know was keeping us from our next level in our life.  I am now a steady client and live my life happier than I have in years.  Thanks to her and her touch!

When I came to Kathleen’s office it wasn’t what I expected, ” Just another so called healer.

I told her I heard that she works with Cancer, and I had a lung lower left quadrant that had a tumor that I was having to have removed.  She worked on that area and after 3 visits she said, go and get an MRI before you have the operation.  My wife and I went to NY and returned with tears in her office, the tumor was gone!  We all had tears.

John – Orlando, Florida

I don’t know how she knows so much about me on things, but she seems to just move in and release old things or issues that need to change in my life emotional past hang ups.  The things that seemed to be still hanging around stopping me from going forward in my life. During the massage she spoke of things I only knew.   She goes right to the problem.  Even her hands seem to go to the pain area’s.  Kathleen say’s, “your pain area’s maybe emotions held inside of you on a deeper level.”  She is truly different!

PM, Daytona Beach, FL

I finally figured out how to explain to people who have an open mind, what Kathleen does when she heals you during a massage.  It is like a SPIRITUAL DIAGNOSIS, then getting diagnosed and healed with spiritual dialysis.  Lifting things that have been heavy inside for a long time!

M.G. – Therapist in Mental Health , Orlando, FL

Intuitive – Spiritual – Heart Healing – Inspirational  Guidance Channeled for your best in health, Life Issues “It’s all about You”…she is gifted and knows her life’s journey to heal one by one and teach one or many.   Thank you. I loved your class!

TJ – Orlando, FL

As Kathleen worked on me with her heart and soul to soul.

What happened was a deep release of “stagnated energy” which that was stored into my joints for many years.  What neuro-spiritual patterns that were holding patterns that often store deep emotional trauma.  Illness and stress restrict joints and muscular movement.  She cleared many area’s of my body as she massaged and stopped over area’s and worked her vibration of her hands with what she say’s is Healing of God thru her.  She has inter connections  with angel’s that guide her in her work.  All I can say is ….I will keep her as my new massage therapist!    MJM  – Orlando

 Kathleen is an incredible, natural healer. She is highly intuitive and thoroughly engaged in her work. She removes the stored energy that is emotional,  or traumatic issues in your life.  As she has the innate ability to feel, see and even taste  or smell disorders of the body.  I loved her work.  She has helped in uncovering some past issues that set me back in my life that I never knew I carried.   Thanks Much.  TJ – Orlando, FL


I feel so much more balanced.  I would recommend her to anyone!  She even gave me new idea’s for my current business.
R.G.  Tampa, FL


What ever she has, she uses to heal others.  All I can say is I want more.  I feel like she took the depth of my soul and shined it again.  I feel lighter.   I will come see her again when I return to Orlando.  M. B.  Texas

Kathleen is an incredible, natural healer. She is highly intuitive in your health issues. Emotional energy and her abilities to transform your depression or deep emotional blocks that stop many from achieving their goals in life.  Self esteem issues, weight problems and emotional past  trauma ‘s from the past that become blockages in the health of the body can be lifted.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for another way to heal!  J.T.  – N.Y.

During the session I could feel the dead heavy weight of ancient wounds falling away from my body as I lay on the table. Her hands strong in vibration and her heart in compassion as she worked. She lifted very heavy emotions that I felt were stored into emotional memory, as she quietly tells you the vision of a past life that has had a significant part of my healing. I have had many types of therapy and this was the most profound and effective form that I have ever experienced. She is gifted with a knowing that is profound. The New Way To Heal the Heart Therapy! Irene – LMHC Orlando

Kathleen is crazy good! Session yesterday, Wow! She was right on intuitively and very inspiring.  How do you do this, see people and suggest to them the next steps they should advance in their lives? I am amazed.  R.K. Orlando

Kathleen, thank you for a truly wonderful massage and intuitive session.  It was such an honor to meet you and have you work on me.  Thank you. Amanda M. Orlando

Dear Kathleen, Just a very quick note to say a very big thank you for the wonderful “heart and soul” massage therapy on 11/1.  It was wonderful to find you and meet you – nothing is by accident!  I definitely feel a shift in the right direction and the intense tiredness seems to be confirmation of that!  I am preparing for my “Mr. Tau, dark and handsome” to arrive, but you will be the first person I tell as soon as he does! I will definitely see you again in 2017 but, until then, I thank you and wish you a very happy holiday time.  Sharon Winter Springs

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