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All sessions of Therapeutic Massage can be for 30 min. or more. All Sessions include Aromatherapy at no additional charge.

  • 45 min. massage- $55
  • 60 min. massage- $75
  • 90 min. massage –  $90.
  • 2 Hour massage – $150.
  • 30 Min. $40.

Deep Tissue Massage$95 (1 hour).

Foot Reflexology30 Min., $40, or 45 Min. $45.

Cranial Release Therapy for Stress Reduction & Intuitive Energy Work(60 minute session $99.-) or (90 minute session $120.-)       

     Cranial release helps restore balance/osteopathic treatment for Depression, Trauma, ADD,  Autism,  all types of emotional  disorders.   Sleep disorders.   Ask for addition to your work.

Lymphatic  Massage (60 minutes $85.-)  Reduces toxins in the body, water retention,  restores circulation. Increases your immune system.  This excellent work for those with cancer.

Tui-Na Chinese Medical Massage(60 minutes $85.-)

Therapeutic Swedish Thai Massage(60 minutes $85.-)

Energy Restoration Neurosensory Healing(60 minutes $85.-)

Inspiring Intuitive Life Coaching(Introductory offer $99.-  Regular $125.- per session)

Spiritual Phone Session – Spiritual Distance Counseling Please contact Kathleen directly to arrange a phone session.




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