Energy Healing

     Can enhance any practice in healing for the beginner to the advanced facilitator.

     We realize that the mind, spirit and body and our soul has deeper levels of integration and need to be “tuned-in to our highest vibration (the God Source).

      Intuition comes from the source of all things as we tap into the energy.  We can change energy patterns from a diseased body and mind and spirit to change the DNA.  It is the source that we came from … all that is!

     God is in all Matter, in all things (we have the power to connect and change the DNA.    

     As a massage therapist it is an addition to your practice. A mental health practitioner or physician can use it before and at the end of the day to clear their own energy system and have more energy at the end of the day! (Schedule a workshop)

     Rainbow of Light Energy Healing Therapy is
“Heart and Soul Transformation”

     A Therapy all of it’s own.

     Kathleen uses her gift of knowing things about the person as a guide to gently remove old patterns.   To raise the vibration in a person so they can remove the blockages that stop them from being the best they can be.   

     As she uses her gift of reaching  into deep levels of the emotional or physical issues that she feels must be cleared in a persons past or present life issues (trauma) (life changes) and different life events, past to present events.

     Many physical issues that people feeling drained, emotionally and physically may cause disease in the body, cancer , skin disorders, nerve damage, fatigue and arthritis joint pain, weight problems, low self esteem etc.  

     When Kathleen clears the life force that is stagnant or diseased energy spots. (Pain centers) then the body can restore it’s full potential (Mind) (Heart) Healing the body then follows.

     During a session,  you may experience a feeling of density in one area of your body feeling lighter after the session.  Emotionally and physically REMOVING blockages and soul clearing.



Healing the Heart and Soul Transformation 

 Phone Session or In Person

$125. by appointment

     Inspiring you and giving light that glows so strong in her heart to teach and inspire the world, (one by one).

     More about this Rainbow of Light Healing….

     This healing light energy will magnify as you work in it more and more.  Distance healing and many other systems of healing Reiki and Arcing Radial Light Therapy  is incorporated into this RAINBOW OF LIGHT ENERGY HEALING (Tm)  

      It is different than this pure energy that as many call Chi energy.  It is can be felt inside the body as it is given and radiates outward to many energy field.  Kathleen is certified in many healing structured healing methods and now is offering hands on therapy with guided information to each student as they complete their certification.

      As a Spiritual Intuitive Healer, Kathleen will give the student information on individual life coaching that they can use in their daily work or gifts to others, as well as a seasoned healer, it is an overlay of more energy for their practices. (Book a workshop in your home).

      Kathleen holds a very strong vibration that will be given to each student as they  attend the workshop.  The students will be given healing techniques that she has studied all over the  world and uses in her daily practice.  

     Students will be taught healthy healing protections. Often times this was not taught to new students in many fields of medical practices.  Especially in massage schools and nursing trades.

More on what energy is?

     Did you know that the physical body and emotional body has a soul cell memory.  It holds it’s own vibration that stores emotions in even the organs.

     Kathleen has an innate ability to feel, see, and know things  that may be the cause of signs of weakness that is stored in the body.

     Energy is moving all around us.

     This pulsating energetic energy (life force) goes through the body as well as dense energy  (fear, pain, emotional trauma).  This dense energy is stored in our soul body and energetic body as we have  disease of the body.

     Kathleen’s sessions are targeted to healing the whole and not just the state of the mind.  

     Energy that has stagnation. Feels heavy then can becomes negative density in the body’s vibration levels.  

     When the mental resistance is so solid.  It takes energetic healing to release the state while intuitively restoring the system with spiritual healing and intuitive deep releasing. (c)

     When the heart is light the body becomes light and the dis-ease can dissipate.

     It is an evolution of the body, mind and spirit that takes you to your next level of consciousness and inspiration in your life.

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