Intuitive Healing Sessions offer an inspirational opportunity for healing through the combined use of massage therapy and Kathleen’s Intuitive and Empathic Healing Techniques.

$99 Introductory Offer (90-min 1st Time Visit)

$125 for 90-min with Massage.

      A session with Kathleen begins like any other massage experience: there is a table in a softly lighted studio in a quiet professional building.

     She is intuitively drawn places that are causing you discomfort. She soothes discomfort through the use of massage therapy, ancient healing techniques, energy work and many healing techniques that she has mastered.

     The tension begins to leave the body feeling lighter and more balanced, releasing stagnation, and bringing balance. Clients have said, ” I feel taller, lighter and happier after a massage from Kathleen.”

Here is what Kathleen says:

     “Using my intuition and empathy, I can tune into things that you may need guidance in your life. Each session is different. “Every massage is different.” Because each person has tension that the mind holds and sometimes holds people back from new experiences. When addressed,  these tensions can be released in a  positive confirmation.” – Kathleen

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