Intuitive Life Coach and Healing Massage Therapist

     Kathleen L. Quinlan, LMT has traveled the world as a student of massage and healing techniques. She holds several certifications and as she is able to combine elements from each healing discipline to help heal her clients.

     Her journey began when she started her own business where she practiced foot reflexology and gave facials and nail treatments.  She could feel when someone had an illness and sometimes smell cancer and picked up information of the person’s personality defects or emotional blocks that may have caused the illness.   This fueled her interest in healing the human body, which lead to an intense study of traditional healing massage. She earned her national certification in massage therapy in 2001. 

     After practicing massage for a few years, Kathleen became aware of other forms of healing.  In 2005 she earned a certification in REIKI Usui Level- I and II  as she did not think that you needed these symbols to heal the body.  

     Kathleen then began a study in Ancient Qi Gong Healing and Breath Work healing Levels I, II, III.  Each is a form of energy healing that has been practiced in Japan and China for thousands of years. Her interest in energy healing led her to an exploration of “Arcing Radial Light Healing.” She became not only a practitioner, but also a certified Teacher Trainer in 2007.

     In 2007, she traveled to Chaing Mai, Thailand to obtain a National certification in Traditional Thai Massage and Healing (Sen Sib Line). In addition, Nerve Point Therapy Thai Massage on weekends when she could get away from the group she traveled.

     In addition to many certifications in healing and bodywork,  Kathleen became certified in CRANIAL RELEASE THERAPY, this is a treatment that relaxes the left and right brain.  It is a great treatment for Stress, ADD, ADHD amnd Autism and spinal disorders, TMJ, as well as, LOSS OF MEMORY AND VITALITY and Depression.  It also, opens the Energy Systems in the body as she noticed during treatments.  It instantly, relaxes the mind and has the capability to realign the total body structure of the spinal system.  It helps in sleep disorders, as it calms the mental and emotional state.

     The treatment with massage has proven to HELP WOMEN RELAX TO GET PREGNANT!

     In addition to the above training, Kathleen became certified in Hypnotherapy and Life Regression healing with Neuro Linguistic therapy and  Tapping  Therapy.  Certified Life Coaching (Intuitive) Sessions,  by phone or in person.

     She also studied Advanced Breath Work Therapy Level III Qi gong Therapy and  adding  to her practice – certified Teacher.

     Kathleen studied Birkram yoga for the last ten years. Certified herself in TRADITIONAL HATHA YOGA  – TEACHER TRAINING.

     Kathleen is currently writing her therapy in this work or and giving classes on “Mastering Your Mind”  Healing Your Body Healing Your Heart Therapy”(c)

RAINBOW OF LIGHT THERAPY(c) – Healing the Heart and Soul therapy  (c)


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